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congstar Ausreden-Lotterie

Check out the exciting new Facebook feature we to celebrate congstar’s brand new Allnet Flat campaign.

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congstar Ausreden-Lotterie
Paul - March 12 2014

With the best network coverage in Germany, congstar customers need to be creative when it comes to cutting boring calls short. As part of the new Allnet Flat campaign, Fork created the “Ausreden-Lotterie”, an exciting dual-device feature bringing the trusty telephone call to the wacky world of social media. To find out if they’ve won a smartphone or if they’ll just be fobbed-off with an excuse, users simply open the app, call the number shown onscreen and watch as the characters from the TV ad respond to their call.

congstar Beach Games
Paul - May 16 2013

To celebrate congstar's sponsorship of the 2013 smart beach tour events, we developed the congstar Beach Games feature - an interactive series of Facebook-based mini-games. Kicking-off with Beach-Volleyball, the feature was updated throughout the summer with another two exciting additions: Waterball & Beach-Badminton.

congstar Netzlochalarm!
Paul - February 25 2013

A mobile flat rate tariff without decent network coverage is as much good as an ashtray on a motorbike. Thankfully, our congstar client now offers the "Allnet Flat" - a flat rate product combined with Germany's best mobile network quality. To celebrate this, we created an interactive search activity using Google Maps/Street-View which demonstrates how easy it can be to stumble upon a network dead-end if you don't have decent coverage as backup.

We have seen the future but how does it work? - Eine Studie über Agenturen zwischen Erneuerung und Bedeutungsverlust.
Stephan - January 25 2013

Wie sieht die Agentur der Zukunft aus? Über diese Frage grübelten wir zusammen mit dem Trendforscher Jörg Jelden und neun weiteren Vertretern von Agenturen unterschiedlichster Ausprägung. Herausgekommen ist eine Studie, die hier studiert werden kann.

Wir leben (mal wieder) in Zeiten des Umbruchs. Die Agenturwelt und insbesondere die sogenannte digitale Wirtschaft probiert sich aus: Neue Formen der Arbeit, neue Formen der Zusammenarbeit, andersartige Organisationsstrukturen und gänzlich neue Gechäftsmodelle. Für die einen sind digitale und agile Prozesse selbstvertändlich, für die anderen handelt es sich um ein Buch mit sieben Siegeln.

Die aus Sicht der Autoren drängendsten Veränderungen in der Agenturwelt wurden im Rahmen der Studie mittels Social Forecasting erarbeitet:

1. Attraktiver werden im "War for Talent"

2. Flexibler werden durch fluide Organisation

3. Unabhängiger machen vom klassischen Retainergeschäft

Zu den Partnern gehörten (und gehören) neben Fork Unstable Media Agenturen, wie DDB Tribal, Red Rabbit, TLGG, CE+Co, Philipp und Keuntje, häberlein & mauerer, kleiner & bold, TBWA und die interne Agentur von Entega. Weitere Partner waren Frührot, Good School, die NEXT Berlin Conference sowie der Econ Verlag.

Die vollständige Studie ist als Buch und als kostenloses PDF über die Website erhältlich.

Der Think Tank wird seine Arbeit in 2013 fortsetzen.

congstar 9 Cent campaign launch
Paul - July 24 2012

Here at Fork, we like to keep all our options open. While commitment can take a variety of different shapes and forms, it more often than not ends going pear-shaped. As coincidence would have it, this viewpoint is shared by congstar (our favourite mobile network provider) and its millions of happy customers. To celebrate flexibility and freedom of choice, we launched a vibrant online campaign for the congstar 9 Cent tariff featuring the addictive "Frei-Wurf" game.

Spindle Safari - A jaunt down optical memory lane
Paul - July 10 2012

Last week, while sifting through the seemingly never-ending list of articles which asphyxiate my Facebook wall on a daily basis, my attention was drawn to an interesting TechCrunch-headline: Chrome CDs at Best Buy. In a nutshell, the article reported on the search giant's cooperation with American supermarket retailer "Best Buy" in selling its Chromebooks at the chain's bricks-and-mortar stores across the US. More interesting however was the news that Chromebook Point-of-Sale displays would also be used to simultaneously distribute copies of Google's popular web browser “Chrome” via… wait for it… CD-ROM.

Naturally, the news initiated a hubbub of discussion among TechCrunch readers with many, predictably, reminiscing promptly on the old days where millions of physical AOL disks littered mailboxes and shopping centres the world over. However, the discussions regarding the use of CD-ROMs to distribute Chrome weren't nearly as interesting as the comments which focussed on how optical media has, in the eyes of many, become an almost archaic means of storage/backup. It was this, seemingly random, piece of information that got me thinking. Whatever happened to the many hundreds of CD-Rs that I've burned over the years? Where did all those gigabytes of data, strewn across a reflective jungle of circular polycarbonate discs, end up?

In order to satisfy the temporary urge to answer these fleeting questions, I found myself rummaging through cupboards, lofts and other nooks and crannies in a desperate attempt to trace the once cherished virtual objects deemed important enough, at the time, to back-up and physically archive. A couple of empty boxes later, I stared upon what felt like an almost antique collection of spindles, jewel cases and other makeshift CD storage facilities. The easy part was done. Now it was time to embark on a journey where my only means of progression lay solely with the proverbial "wet thumb" method of inserting, reviewing and ejecting. An arduous task, I thought to myself. But one I was prepared to undertake to appease this temporary sense of curiosity and longing for personal digital-nostalgia.

A couple of CDs into my optical adventure, I quickly tapped into a rich vein of data, which hadn't seen the light of day in almost 12 years. Whether it was old college course work, family photos or amateurish attempts at music creation, the results quickly sparked a flurry of memories and emotions which took me right back to when the disc was burned. Familiarising myself with the priorities and goals of yesteryear lead me along an incredibly tangible path down memory lane. From that moment on, each disc became a unique and fascinating trip offering me the opportunity to delve deep into random chapters of an earlier life - unknotting memories which would have otherwise remained submerged beneath the unchartered waters of my subconscious.

Comparing work, thoughts, tastes and processes from then with those of today was an enlightening and, at times, hilarious experience which I can wholeheartedly recommend to others. Some might just see it as "old data", however with a little bit of imagination the process can transform itself into an engaging time-travel adventure with you assuming the leading role in each scene.

To give you a quick taste of the kinds of things I stumbled upon during my “journey”, I’ve prepared some links to some rather amusing features:

About ten year’s ago there was a series of prank calls made using recordings of Arnold Schwarzenegger lifted from his films. However, there were also a few made with Sylvester Stallone recordings, which I found to be superior in terms of comic value. Here’s one of Sylvester “calling” a Karate club:

The second feature is called TV-Go-Home. This is a spoof TV guide, which poked fun at the quality of TV in the UK in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, I don’t think traditional broadcast entertainment has improved much since then. Enjoy:

So if the recent rainy weather continues to persist, leave the jigsaw for another day and take a jaunt down optical memory lane instead. You’ll be glad you did.

Michael Poliza Experience
Roman - July 9 2012

A good press conference can draw a neat and tidy line under many a long and arduous project. Sure, we could have continued scouring Mr. Poliza's endless collection of image libraries in search of THE perfect visual. We could also have re-edited the trailer and re-worked the copy for the umpteenth time - transforming Poliza into a Pulitzer.

But thankfully we cut a long story short and got straight to the point as a group of inquisitive journalists bared witness to the birth of an all new brand: MICHAEL POLIZA EXPERIENCES.

Although we're still busy applying the obligatory post-launch changes, you're cordially invited to discover the website and experience the awe-inspiring video.

A creative hat-trick for congstar
Paul - April 10 2012

To keep up with all the latest industry news and gossip, we regularly find ourselves skimming through the pages of various ad-world publications. Imagine our delight as we discovered that congstar projects of ours had won Kontakter magazine's "Online campaign of the week" award - two weeks running! Add them to the one we picked up previously for congstar and you've got yourself a creative trio worth shouting about.

As mentioned in earlier posts, we believe firmly in the power of great storytelling and a healthy dose of magical realism. Combine this with some awesome design and oh so clever texts and you're onto a winner (or two in this case).

We're extremely proud of our hat-trick of Kontakter "Online campaign of the week" awards for congstar and look forward flexing more creative muscle in the future for our favourite mobile network provider.

Malabar! Wunderbar! — Interview mit Dan Reynolds, dem Designer unserer neuen Schrift
Karin - September 15 2011

Für den Relaunch der Fork-Website brauchten wir eine neue Schrift. In Anlehnung an die alte Seite wollten wir wieder eine Serifenschrift verwenden, die jedoch zum Konzept der „griechisch/römischen Orakel-Sekte" passen sollte. Sie sollte zeitlos, kräftig, „wie in Stein gehauen", aber trotzdem zeitgemäß und individuell, und vor allem webtauglich sein.

Mit der Malabar haben wir die passende Schrift gefunden. Sie hat etwas ganz eigenes, einen individuellen Charakter, der die Eigenwilligkeit des Layouts perfekt ergänzt. Die winkelförmigen Serifen, besonders gut in großen Schriftgraden zu sehen, erinnern zudem an Facetten eines Kristalls und nehmen im Kleinen das auf, was sich durch die ganze Seite zieht – vom dreieckigen Orakel-Symbol, zentral platziert auf dem Kopf der Statue, über die diagonale Linie, die sich nach unten zieht, bis hin zum Logo, aus dem eine Dreiecksform herausgeschnitten wurde. Mit ihren robusten, ausgeprägten Serifen und soliden Strichen wird sie im Web gut dargestellt und passt perfekt zur Büste des FORK Orakels.

Der Schriftgestalter Dan Reynolds hat mehrere Preise für die Malabar verliehen bekommen. Unter anderem 2009 einen TDC Award und 2010 den Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Gold.

Dan, was hältst Du von dem erstmaligen Einsatz im Web? Was war dein erster Gedanke, als du die Malabar auf der Fork Website gesehen hast?

Ich war sehr überrascht und zugleich sehr froh. Ich habe kurz an der HfG Offenbach studiert, zur gleichen Zeit, als David Linderman dort Professor war. David war ja langjährig bei euch; Fork war für mich schon ein Begriff. Eure alte Webseite kannte ich. Trotz meiner Freude also war da auch etwas an Überraschung: Obwohl das Lesen am Bildschirm seit Jahren allgegenwärtig ist, war Malabar nie für diesen Einsatz gedacht.

Ich erfuhr ziemlich früh, dass die Fonts verwendete. Als ich die damalige Placeholder-Seite näher betrachtete, merkte ich ein paar kleine Unschönheiten in der Malabar, die nicht mit dem Design zu tun gehabt haben, sondern mit einigen Einstellungen in den Font-Dateien selber. Da Linotype Fonts über den Monotype Webfonts-Dienst serviert sind, konnte ich also im Back-End diese Fehler auf die Schnelle beseitigen, ohne dass es im Front-End etwas an der Gestaltung geändert hätte. Im Prinzip musste ich nur ein paar Dateien mit denjenigen auf dem Server austauschen.

Wofür hast du die Malabar eigentlich geschnitten?

Die Malabar war meine MA-Arbeit beim Schriftgestaltungsstudiengang an der Uni Reading in England. Ich habe die Schrift für den Einsatz in Zeitungen konzipiert, vor allem für den Markt in Indien, wo Tageszeitungen noch eine führende Form der Kommunikation sind.

Was ist das besondere an der Malabar? Was magst du daran am liebsten?

Das besondere an der Schrift ist ihre Robustheit, denke ich. Die Buchstaben haben klare, einfache Formen, die sehr stabil wirken. Im gedruckten Bereich wirken Texte, die in der Malabar gesetzt sind, etwas dunkel. Das mag ich sehr, weil ich das geschriebene Wort liebe. Satzschriften, die so hell sind, dass ihre Buchstaben von die Seite fast wegfliegen, kann ich nicht leiden.

Was hältst Du davon, wie sie jetzt im Web eingesetzt ist?

Ich finde den Einsatz wirklich beeindruckend. Ihr habt die Schriften in einer Art und Weise verwendet, die ich mir nie hätte vorstellen können. Die kleinen, schönen Überraschungen und der allgemein spielerische Charakter, mit dem Texte auf Eurer Website gesetzt sind, bereitet mir große Freude und macht mich stolz.

Auf seiner Website schreibt Dan Reynolds ausführlich über die Entstehung seiner Schrift – und auch darüber, wie sie den Einzug ins Web gefunden hat.
Wir sind gespannt auf weitere schöne Schriften aus seiner Feder - auch wenn wir für Fork jetzt schon die perfekte Schrift gefunden haben.

Fork Unstable Media wird digitaler Nukleus der fischerAppelt-Gruppe
PR - August 10 2011

Die fischerAppelt AG beteiligt sich mehrheitlich an der Fork Unstable Media GmbH. Damit rückt Fork in das Zentrum der digitalen Ansätze der Agenturgruppe. „Fokus bei fischerAppelt ist der mittelfristige Umbau der kompletten Gruppe zur digitalen Agentur. Die entsprechenden Kompetenzen werden in allen Teilen der Föderation massiv verstärkt, dabei ist die häufige Arbeit mit Fork ein entscheidender Impuls“, sagt Bernhard Fischer-Appelt, Vorstand fischerAppelt AG.

Eine Begriffsfindung für die gute alte Website
Jochen - July 26 2011

Mittlerweile ist es für uns üblich im Zuge der Entwicklung einer Homepage eine zusätzliche, alternative Version für mobile Endgeräte zu gestalten. Besuchern der mobilen Website möchten wir jedoch die Wahlmöglichkeit einräumen zwischen den beiden Seiten-Versionen entscheiden zu können.

Es stellt sich nun die Frage wie man diesen Sachverhalt benennen soll – wie bezeichnet man den „traditionellen“ Desktop-Internetauftritt in Zeiten in denen digitale Medien vermehrt mittels mobiler Endgeräte rezipiert werden?

Im Zuge der Recherche welche Bezeichnungen momentan im deutschsprachigen Raum verwendet werden stellte sich heraus, dass es momentan hierfür noch kein best practice Beispiel gibt. Die Fülle an unterschiedlichen Benennungen spiegelt einen mangelnden Konsens wieder – die Schwierigkeit liegt darin einen in seiner Eindeutigkeit unmissverständlichen Begriff zu finden, der gleichzeitig auf ein breites Verständnis quer über alle Gesellschaftsschichten stößt. Wie lässt sich denn sich denn der klassische Desktop Internetauftritt nun benennen, beziehungsweise wie lässt sich darauf verweisen?

Hier einige der Beispiele die sich im Zuge der Recherche auftaten:

Zur Web-Ansicht / Zum Webauftritt

Diese Benennung zeigt wie schnell die Bedeutung unpräzise und wenig aussagekräftig werden kann. Ist die mobile Seite etwa kein Webauftritt?

Zur PC-Seite wechseln

Das könnte für den überzeugten mac user beleidigend wirken. Dem iPhone Nutzer wird zumindest ein kurzes Lächeln über das Gesicht huschen.

.mobi-Umleitung abschalten

Der computeraffine Nutzer wird sich bei dieser Benennung sicherlich freuen, dass endlich mal Klartext geredet wird – der Technik Unkundige könnte es schon mal mit der Angst zu tun bekommen, dass er hier sein Smartphone in seiner Funktionalität beschädigt.


Was ist heutzutage schon normal? Diese Benennung ist keine allzu gute Wahl wenn man für ein eindeutiges Verständnis sorgen will.


Moment, habe ich nicht gerade erst diese Adresse eingegeben? Für Besucher erschließt sich aus der Benennung nicht, dass hier die Umleitung zu einer alternativen Seitenversion versteckt sein könnte.


Befindet man sich auf einer Unterseite könnte man annehmen, dass hier die Verlinkung auf die Homepage gemeint sein könnte.

Nun zu den besseren Beispielen:

Zur klassischen Version / Ansicht: Mobil | Klassisch

Beide Bezeichnungen sind recht gut verständlich und den vorherig genannten definitiv vorzuziehen. Der Hinweis, dass sich die Ansicht der Seite wechseln lässt ist selbsterklärend formuliert und lässt wenig Interpretationsspielraum zu. Das Wort klassisch ist in diesem Kontext eine gute Wahl, beschreibt es ja die herkömmliche, traditionelle Form.

Man sieht, dass all diese unterschiedlichen Benennungen desselben Sachverhalts schon mal für Verwirrung sorgen können. Ich bin gespannt welche Benennungen sich im deutschsprachigen Raum etablieren werden. Im Hinblick auf die Benutzerfreundlichkeit wäre es sicherlich wünschenswert wenn sich allgemein verständliche Bezeichnungen durchsetzen würden, um die vom Informationszeitalter ohnehin schon stark gebeutelten User nicht mit zweideutigen Wortschöpfungen in die Irre zu führen.

Storytelling to the rescue!
Paul - July 13 2011

When I think back to when I was a child, there was nothing better than listening to my mum as she told a bed-time story. Each evening an exciting and elaborate story helped keep my brother and I on tenterhooks just before we fell into a deep sleep and extended the tale in our captivated little minds. What a great feeling! Now ask yourself this: how often do you have a feeling like that these days? Not too often I'll bet. Now and then we'd even get the opportunity to add a bit of variety with an Auntie or even Grandparent taking a turn to recite a story - a bit like a guest speaker at a conference I suppose. It's this variety that keeps people interested and gives us the emphasis to think about things in ways we wouldn't normally. We all have a different take on things, so it's quite surprising to watch the results come in when you've put an idea out there.

While I'm lucky enough to have a job where I can let my mind run riot on seeming bizarre trains of thought, not everyone has this luxury and that's a shame. Good advertising is the art of picking at the fabric of daily life and being able to identify and stitch certain threads together to make that perfect match. And when you find that ideal pairing, people tend to take notice and that's when they'll hopefully look for a way to make their own connection. It's not about lies or dishonesty, it's about reforming the truth and making the most of this so-called reality. Call it augmented reality, minus the webcam.

Recently, I wrote a post on the importance of Magical Realism in advertising with a focus on digital display campaigns. And as I'm a fan of practicing what I preach, I made sure that a healthy dose of magical realism was sprinkled onto our recent display work for the mobile network provider congstar. In one campaign, we were given the task of promoting a new SMS flat-rate option that could be booked to accompany a tariff that was attractive to a segment that did a lot of talking on their mobiles (that's right, talking on a phone). In tune with magical realism, we decided to put a bunch of mouths into a wellness spa where they could kick-back and relax while the fingers took over and did the "talking". Sipping cocktails by the pool, getting a massage or just chilling with a cucumber mask - mouths everywhere could hold their tongues and enjoy a well deserved break. And while the campaign seems to have stuck a note, having picked up Kontakter magazine's "Online Campaign of the Week" accolade, we're just happy to have given our storytelling and design muscles a good workout.

So, as long as your not referring to timings or project status, it's good to tell your clients stories. And, more importantly, it's good to tell your clients' clients stories. Forget all the mandatories for a minute and try to introduce your product or service in a way that excites, captivates or even scares people. It's emotions that keep people listening, reacting and above all talking.

There's plenty of time to take things seriously and do things properly. In the meantime, how about shutting your face and treating your mouth to a well-earned tongue-timeout.

Your Seat has been Reserved for the Resurrection!
Matt - June 03 2011

Welcome one and all, young and old! Take a seat or find room where you can and witnesses our stealth new re-birth….. witnesses the resurrection!

For those of you who know Fork well this new look may come as a shock but don't fret; like a snake shedding it's skin this transformation means that not only are the seasons changing and that it's time for us to shake off the sleepy coil of hibernation, but it speaks of a positive new epoch that is fast approaching and we're more than ready; defter, more agile and as sleek as quicksilver.

During the arduous and long trip to this new point we consulted oracles, met with shaman and even battled with (and exorcised) some personal demons. The journey was challenging but we didn't loose ourselves along the way and as such our new form is as much a giant step forward as it is a tip of the hat to the past. A referenced past which channels Fork's digital punk history, embraces the "under dog" within (the root to our tenacity) and never once forgets the companies unmistakable personality.

In reference to the themes that flow through our new persona, the site is simply an ode to the oracle, an ode to the problem solver and prophet. "why"? we hear you ask.. well frankly; Fork IS a modern day oracle. Fork sees, moulds and designs the future every day, consulting and guiding followers of our world view to better and more prosperous destinies, so we think that the oracle shoe fits perfectly.

The journey we've taken to get here wasn't easy and it's far from over but we're stronger for taking the path less travelled and can already see good things ahead, so why not follow us, step inside, leave your shoes at the door and join the resurrection!

Das Fork Awaits.

Unternehmensaufgabe Sinnmaximierung
Stephan - June 01 2011

Umair Hague hat vor einigen Monaten in einem lesenswerten Artikel im Frogdesign-Blog „Design Mind“ eine neue Wertewelt umschrieben. These: Nur wenn der Großteil der Unternehmen sich die Sinnfrage stellt und durch Korrektur ihrer Handlungen gemeinsam einen Wandel vollzieht, ist diese Welt zu retten.

Abkehr von reinen Profitzielen hin zu authentischem Engagement für Sinnvolles, um „meaningful impact“ zu erreichen. Bei diesem Thema sehen einige sofort rote Fahnen, NPO-Gefühlsduselei und frontales Ankämpfen gegen das bestehende Wirtschaftssystem. So ist das nicht gemeint. Es geht um Prioritäten.

Hier einige der sieben im Artikel genannten Faktoren mit meinen weiterführenden – zugegeben teils Agenturwelt-bezogenen – Interpretationen:

Purpose and Love. Was – abseits vom Geld – hält den Laden zusammen? Was ist das Ziel, das relevant ist für alle Beteiligten und wie harmoniert das mit dem daily business? Und handeln alle danach?

In Zeiten wachsender Komplexität ist „Blindflug mit laufendem Taxameter“ der Modus, in dem Agenturen und Freelancer in vielen Konzernen heute Projekte realisieren. Je größer das Projekt, je mächtiger die politische Tragweite der Entscheidungen, desto höher die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass ein „naja“ rauskommt.

Auf Dauer muss sich zeigen, ob der Wille groß genug, die Sinnfrage konsequent über alles zu stellen. „Naja, aber...“ funktioniert nur begrenzte Zeit. Wenn Ziel und Vision unerreichbar scheinen, suchen überzeugte und engagierte Leistungsträger enttäuscht das Weite.

Significance and Outcomes thinking. Eigentlich die Steigerung von “customer-centric”: Kunden und Konsumenten nicht nur zufriedenstellen sondern sie in die Lage zu versetzen, besser zu werden - ein nachhaltiger Beitrag. Stehen alle Beteiligten am Ende des Projekts besser da als vorher - über die monetäre Zielerfüllung und Pflichtenheft hinaus?

Ambition. Ja, man kann mit kleinen Schritten anfangen und zuerst mal „Think before you print“ überall draufschreiben als ersten bedeutsamen Schritt zum Corporate-Nachhaltigkeitsprogramm. Letzten Endes wird aber der Wille ausschlaggebend sein, sich auf die wichtigen Themen zu konzentrieren. Wie groß ist unsere Ambition, Dinge zu ändern, wirklich?

Peace: Nachhaltigkeit und Innovationskultur können nicht in einem aggressiven Umfeld entstehen. Einer Beziehung im Privaten räumt wohl kaum jemand große Zukunft ein, wenn Streit, Bedrohung und unfairer Umgang tonangebend sind. Für Einige legitime Mittel zur Zielerreichung.

Geschäftsbeziehungen aufzubauen, die Innovation auf einer fairen, ethischen und integren Basis möglich machen ist das Ziel.

Besonders dieser letzte Aspekt ist ein Thema, dem wir uns im Rahmen der Fork-Neupositionierung sehr ausführlich gewidmet haben. 7 Prinzipien erfolgreicher Interaktivprojekte finden sich in Überfork.

Abschließend noch Humair Hagues Schlusswort ohne weiteren Kommentar:

„No doubt, to some, this approach sounds a bit soft. But then again, perhaps the dictates of yesterday’s dogma were suspiciously hard. We were told that greed was good, penury was the price of progress, plenitude had to be exacted from nature’s bounty, and efficacy demanded the dulling of the heart and the deadening of the soul. Today, these commandments of a tired scripture seem less like apothegms for sowing a more fruitful harvest and more like the faded myths of a rusting yesterday. Perhaps, then, like me, you believe that we must do better. This is neither easy nor, I suspect, acceptable for most organizations. But then again, revolution rarely is. We’re in the midst of a historic structural transformation. Its challenge isn’t merely revival, or recovery, but revolution: building the novel, unseen institutions, like Meaning Organizations, of a 21st-century economy. The age of wisdom won’t happen courtesy of Ben Bernanke, Lloyd Blankfein, or Paul Krugman. Rather, it begins with you.“

Agile Commerce als Ansatz gegen fragmentiertes Kanaldenken, auch im Marketing
Arne - Mai 20 2011

Wie kann es Unternehmen im Marketing und im E-Commerce gelingen, die täglich größer werdende Zahl digitaler "Kanäle" sinnvoll aufeinander abzustimmen? Diese Frage beschäftigt mich seit einer Weile (I), denn es ist klar, dass klassische Multichannel-Ansätze zu kurz greifen und integrierte Kommunikation weiterhin kaum aus dem Buzzword-Stadium oder der irrtümlichen Verwechslung mit "adaptierter Kommunikation" herauskommt.

Ein interessanter Ansatz in diesem Zusammenhang liefern Forrester Research mit ihrem Konzept des Agile Commerce (II). In einer entsprechenden Veröffentlichung bezeichnet Brian Walker damit "An approach to commerce that enables businesses to optimize their people, processes, and technology to serve customers across all touchpoints." Ins Zentrum stellt er dabei eine nutzerzentrierte Sichtweise von der ausgehend alle relevanten Touchpoints zum Kunden differenziert nach ihrer jeweiligen Funktion und Rolle betrachtet werden und mittels einer verbindenden technologischen Plattform sinnvoll integriert werden: Einerseits werden Informationen aus allen Touchpoints sinnvoll und handhabbar gebündelt, andererseits wird über APIs ein nahtloses Gesamterlebnis geboten, bei dem Merkzettel, Kontodaten usw. an jedem Kontaktpunkt sinnvoll integriert sind. Das klingt fast selbstverständlich, ist es für viele Unternehmen in der Realität aber häufig doch nicht. Neben zerklüfteten Technologie- und Dienstleisterlandschaften liegt das Problem häufig auch bereits in der Organisation und Kultur der Unternehmen, die eher Kannibalisierung als ein sinnvolles Zusammenspiel begünstigt.

Hilfreich an Walkers Darstellung ist die Ordnung anhand typischer Stationen in der Beziehung zwischen Kunde und Unternehmen - in allen Phasen vor, während und nach dem Kauf. Dadurch, dass denkbare Kanäle als sich ergänzende Touchpoints gesehen und diesen Beziehungsstationen untergeordnet werden, kann die Darstellung als Ausgangspunkt für das Erzählen schlüssiger Stories über mehrere Stationen, Touchpoints und damit auch Kanäle und Mediengattungen hinweg dienen. Man beginnt in der Praxis also mit der Frage, welche Geschichte man beispielsweise vermitteln möchte, um nach dem Kauf zunächst Vertrauen aufzubauen und den Kunden danach zu einem Fürsprecher des Produkts zu machen. Erst wenn man diese Geschichte als Ergebnis einer nutzerzentrierten Kreativleistung hat, wird geprüft, welchen Beitrag zur Geschichte einzelne Kanäle übernehmen können. Damit passt das Modell sehr gut US-amerikanischen Ansätzen von Agenturstrategen wie Adam Lavelle (III), die derart angelegte Content Strategien auch im Marketing-Bereich als wesentliches Bindeglied eines schlüssigen Real-Time Marketingauftritts sehen. In adaptierter Form kann das Modell des Agile Commerce damit also auch gut als Zugang zur Konzeption längerfristig gedachter Marketingbeziehungen zwischen Marke/Produkten und Kunden mittels digitaler Medien dienen.

Magical Realism - The Viable Alternative
Paul - Mai 20 2011

A real-life situation suddenly invaded by funkily-ficticious character? That'll be magical realism.

As part of a recent pitch, our attentions turned to the client's previous digital display campaigns. And while it's not unusual to find a few good examples of previous work, we were shocked at the more than lackluster attempt made to position the product as something worth buying.

One of the main problems was that client couldn't differentiate itself from the almost identical deals offered by its competitors. Although its prominent corporate identity should have given the brand an instant visual advantage, the communication was too focussed on the technicalities and specifications of the product. Unfortunately, the short branded banner experience could only really be described as mundane.

As with all projects, it's good to explore many different avenues when developing communication solutions. One of the key weapons any good advertiser should have in his (or her) toolbox is magical realism. The art of transferring a little extra to the ordinary. Popular in visual arts and literature, Matthew Strecher describes the style as "...what happens when a highly detailed, realistic setting is invaded by something 'too strange' to believe", magical realism assists in breathing a little fantasy into something that would otherwise be described as everyday, common or dare I say, dull.

In some situations, magical realism is essential. Cars for example: if advertisers simply concentrated on the details and specifications - would anyone have a real opportunity to affiliate themselves with a particular brand or model? It's amazing how many digital display campaigns are erected upon a flimsy foundation of facts and figures. Driven solely by the requirement to fulfill sales targets and meet conversion rates, many marketers prefer to 'play it safe' by presenting consumers with little more than the cold hard facts - hoping that it'll be enough to complete 'the transaction'. The result, however is more often than not an uninspiring experience - deprived of fun, fantasy and above all entertainment. Does that sound exciting to you?

By freeing ourselves fully from the unnecessary constraints of prices, specifications and other secondary props, we can take the first steps in transforming digital display formats, applying a number of methods to bend and distort the reality of the product and ultimately influence the creative process. Use magical realism to whet appetites, portray fantastic scenarios and above all, demonstrate positive gain! After all, effective marketing begins by pushing the benefits of the benefits.

German art critic Franz Roh said that magical realism "is anchored in everyday reality, but has overtones of fantasy or wonder." This important differentiation sets magical realism aside from surrealism and fantasy. Magical realism as a happy medium helps to make the practice accessible and tangible for brands and those who manage them. Sticking to the tried and tested routine will work, for a while. But if your campaign is running on fumes, it might be a good idea to throw a little hyper-realism into the mix. Make a magical brand promise - and fulfill it with exciting and unusual creative solutions.

And as the digital display sector undergoes a revival, the banner landscape is likely to grow exponentially over the coming years. Effective digital display formats need to tell compelling, engaging stories - a bit like a good TV ad. And as TV and the Web rapidly converge, there's never been a better time than now to harness the power of magical storytelling to drive relevant, and exciting digital display campaigns.

See video at top: a recent TVC which injected a little hyper-realism into the mix was the "GIF me more" campaign for MTV Mobile in Europe. Spicing up the "I wanna be made" angle by personifying a funky animated GIF-Guy as the high-school jock, the approach sprinkles some unusual fun over what would normally have been seen as dated scenario. An animated GIF as a high-school role-model? that'll do nicely.



If you search the truth you have arrived! View our illustrious scriptures below and find out why Fork is the agency that bewilders the experts… just don’t let the volcanic fumes get in your eyes.

In a nutshell



Fork Unstable Media
Explaining the Inexplicable

Inexplicable, that's true. Nevertheless, with the next seven (plus or minus two) slides we give it a try and speak about us, our history, and expertise. Learn about the Information Highway, Zen and the Art of Digital Touchpoints, as well as the Flaneur Approach. What are you waiting for?



The New World, Cannibals, Pilgrims and Modems
And now even Social Media

Fork Unstable Media is the creative agency that’s constant sidestepping of communication industry clichés leaves the experts worried. It defines the agency that’s against the wave of one-stop shops and the flotsam of networked leviathans that have succeeded in diluting the creative well. In response, Fork chose to become an adaptive and resilient organism, whereby an established core agency, in tandem with specialists from the surrounding, fluid construct, work as one.

Fork is the creative agency that worries the experts

The core entity nurtures relationships with clients and partners with a clear focus on expertise and guidance. Fork’s widened scope of services adapts organically via its extended fluid habitat to the client’s requirements. This environment permits freedom to elect quality before quantity, meaning over money, and detail over superficial conformity. This approach fosters inspiration in helping you to empower and protect your competitive edge.

We shape our habitat which in turn shapes us

If you’ve longed for a creative, honest and independent partner, choose Fork Unstable Media. Handling your needs as if they were its own, Fork specializes in resurrecting brands, services and communication via digital means.

We take it personally



Don't Look Back
New Power Generation



A Fork Short Story
2011 A.D.

Back in 1996, while the German media was preoccupied with the “Information Superhighway”, we had the urge to guide users off the beaten track. Inviting them down a less-travelled path, we hoped to encourage onlookers to engage and participate, instead of watching passively as the digital world passed by.

A basic instinct: “The Flaneur Approach”

Long before the term “User Experience” was coined, we started to introduce a little heart and soul into the surplus of bits and bytes. Stimulating the inner urban wanderer with »digital touchpoints«, we laid bait along the way to both inspire and excite.

Zen and the art of “digital touchpoints”

This approach hasn't changed much in the past 15 years. What has changed is the ever-evolving and unstable face of digital media. Our middle name pays tribute to this particular brand of dynamic instability. In the olden days, evolution and change was often met with resistance from the establishment and doubters alike. And while there's still a few digital cynics around today, we've remained at our posts, acting as 1st Mate to clients and partners alike as they navigate these unpredictable, ever-changing waters.

It’s not us that’s unstable, it’s modern media



Distinguish Sense from Nonsense

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day… Our quest is to help clients help themselves. While we love to see our customers return, we're not in the business of garnering dependency. We look forward to achieving great things and evolving together as genuine partners. To do this we follow seven (plus or minus two) simple commandments:

  1. Quality Above All
  2. Meaning Over Money
  3. Simplicity as a Rule of Thumb
  4. Principles Over Bureaucracy
  1. Sincerity Over Hype
  2. Collaboration Before Compromise
  3. Hyperlinked Tops Top-Down



Maison de la Qualité



Fluid Approach
Fluctuat Nec Mergitur


Sacrifice to DAS FORK the ones to set free, send these, the old and abandoned to me and we will return them stronger to thee.



Consulting, Concept, Multiscreen, Design, Illustration, Text, Front & Backend Programming


Consulting, Idea, Concept, Copywriting, Campaign Development, Multiscreen, I18N, Character Design, Animation, Motion Design, Design/Layout, Front- & Backend Programming


Consulting, Concept, Multiscreen, I18N, Customer Experience, Design, Frontend-Programming


Design, Backend- and Frontend-Programming


Idea, Concept, Design, Illustration, Copywritng, Multiscreen, User Experience, Video


Concept, Design, Web-Design, Game Development, Digital & Social Media Campaigning


Concept, Consulting & Campaign Development


Consultancy, Design, User Experience, E-Commerce


Consulting, Design, Strategy, User Experience, Online Game, Interface, Campaign, Style-Guide


Design, Digital Branding, Interface, Concept, Consulting


Consulting, Design, Strategy, Cross-Device, Cross-Plattform, User Experience, E-Commerce


Consultancy, Design, User Experience, E-Commerce

Smart TV – Digital Campaigning

Concept, Design, Digital Campaigning, Illustration, Character Design & Production


Concept, Design, Programming, Wordpress, Content, Salt‘n‘Pepper


Past Exhibitions

It‘s all one project because it‘s all one constant quest for the good. Here‘s an eclectic flashback on the past adventures of DAS FORK and it‘s followers.

Jüdisches Museum
The Full Report (plus or minus two)

A lack of thumbnail doesn't mean a thumbs down. Since 1996 we've been working for a broad variety of brands and industries.

  • adidas Tennis
  • adidas Outdoor
  • adidas Recruiting
  • Aktren
  • Aspirin Coffein
  • BMG Rights Management
  • Daimler Chrysler
  • FC St. Pauli Rugby
  • evian
  • KfW
  • Remington
  • Tagesspiegel
  • TEDx Berlin / Hamburg
  • And Counting


We are constantly looking for both, young blood and experienced cats to join us. Scroll to the right to sneak a peak at your future fellows, or else join the other side.


Experienced Designer/Art Director (Cologne)

Work at the intersection of design, content, and technology!

We are looking for an experienced designer (or art director) who wants to work and grow with our klein aber fine team in Cologne. You'll act as the key driving force behind our in-house efforts in user experience. Try your hand on immersive user experiences, responsive websites, communication platforms, online-shops, digital campaigns, and applications alike! Although not a must, team management experience would definitely be beneficial. At Fork, we want to change the web for the better. We do this for us, we do this for our clients, we do this for their customers, and we do this for you. If this all tickles your fancy, we'd love to hear from you.

  • At least 3 years of creative experience in online design within agency environment
  • Degree in Graphic Design, Visual Communications, Computer Graphics, Multimedia, Illustration, or Industrial Design from accredited university or institute, or equivalent experience
  • Deep understanding and advocacy of digital design and design trends
  • Basic knowledge of state-of-the-art web technologies and methods (grid systems, responsive, mobile first …)
  • Ideally front-end developing skills (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Inspirational, likeable, confident appearance
  • Experience with premium consumer brands is a plus
  • Excellent English knowledge

Apply now!


We're looking to recruit a code-rookie for our Hamburg Tech Team to work on challenging HMTL5, CSS3 and JavaScript projects.

If any of the following statements ring true, we'd like to hear from you post-haste!

  • The terms Shadow DOM, Canvas and the like get you hot under the collar
  • Favourite web-destinations include, or
  • You're eager to learn on the job while helping crazy layouts find a home online
  • You don't shy away from dialogue with designers or project managers
  • You don't roll your eyes at hearing the term "responsive design"

Although not essential, basic skills in English language, git as well as initial experience with WordPress theming or Ruby on Rails, Zurb Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap are more than welcome.

Apply now!


We're currently on the lookout for a sharp young mind to tackle a growing number of digital campaigning challenges.

If you're a copywriter at heart, have a knack for dreaming-up exciting digital campaign ideas and are eager to assume the role of Junior Concept Developer here at Fork in Hamburg, drop us a line with some examples of your best ideas. Please note that German and English language skills are essential for the position.

Apply now!


If you've got some extra time on your hands and are willing to trade it in for cold hard cash then look no further! We're on the look-out for student assistants who are good at number-crunching and marketing duties to help support our "Connect" team for approx. 20 hrs a week at semester time and 40 off. Among other tasks, we'll have you helping out with strategic planning, site optimisation and marketing/social media maintenance duties. Although it's not a prerequisite, a basic grasp of the terms interface design, user-experience and information architecture would be beneficial.

I'm young and I need the money!


You would like to join our team and grow with us? We are looking for interns in consulting, design, project management and text. German language skills are helpful. Please make sure to provide your online portfolio or application documents.

Apply now!


We are looking for interns who are interested in working with new media and our wide-ranging client base. Ideal candidates are articulate, extroverted problem-solvers. A working knowledge of all the web has to offer is a must.

Interested candidates should send along a cover letter and resume. Via e-Mail!


The Oracle has spoken! Her request: "Young UX Blood" - a new follower is required to add vision, beef and to study under our already sagacious group of Concept disciples at Fork's headquarter in Hamburg.
Are you that person? Are you young, driven? Do you worship at the feet of the 'Interface', 'Responsive' and 'Information Architecture' idols?
If your answer is 'Yes' then come hither and enter our fold.

Das Fork's ideal intern is someone who already has a basic knowledge of what it means to develop a website from that first glimmering flicker of an idea through to that holistically perfect final experience that Fork is famous for. Deft visual skills and a basic knowledge of the usual UX weapons 'Omnigraffle' or 'Axure' would also please our deity.

All Internships are paid and we brew the best coffee in the entire Schanzenviertel… by the way, did we mention our infamous basement and it's Olympic Standard® Kicker and table tennis tables? No? Well now we have.
Take a look at our cases to find out what we live and die for.

Apply now!

... or perhaps just drop by and have a coffee with us… The Oracle foresees it.

Alexander Dobbert

One sometimes can't exactly tell what happens inside the skull of a programmer (until it's too late). But what happens on top of Alexander's scalp really amazes us. He must own a dozen different caps and hats, and each one is a message that awaits to be decoded. Be it a Shtreimel, Fez, or Boss of the Plains – This black box comes in style.

Anna-Katharina Dorsch

There's never been a equilibrium of genders in our tech-team, for sure. At least Fork always had developers in girl-shape. Anna marks the continuation of this fine tradition. Careful gentlemen, our very own Anna's got the looks and comes with a rapier wit as well as a willingness to use it.

Claudia Huneke
Art Director

Claudia's a fashion-following, trend-setting aficionado who's usually directing photo-shoots and showing brands the world over how to create the perfect client newsletter.

Malte Wagner

Club-Malte? Well, Malte does indeed organize clubbing events and is alert-eyed, too. Some of his ideas for digital campaigning are strong like caffeine (lots of caffeine), and some go down like sugar. Being a tech-savvy consultant Malte is a perfect fit in this deeply intertwingled digital outpost.

David Hellmann
Art Director

Day-vid (like in Bowie) is a phenomenon on the saddle as well as on the interwebs. His hobbies include riding and pimpin' MTB's as well as surfing and tweakin' HTML, CSS, JQUERY and WORDPRESS. Say "Hallöchen!" to the coolest tennis socks and tattoos at Fork!

Firyal Izzaturahim Purwanto
Design Intern

Born in Indonesia Firyal isn't put off by an archipelago of tongues. At Fork he jumps right into a junction of low and high-level languages, design vocabulary, as well as the grammar of responsive web-design. We are so happy to have him aboard our quest for an inspirational Esperanto of design.

Henning Lüdeke
Art Director

At last year's SXSW we managed to rescue a distraught young man from the clasps of a rather unsavoury hotel room, in which he'd begun to pupate within the confines of his trusty sleeping bag. Since his liberation, Henning has repaid us by flourishing within Fork's creative walls, shining with his accomplished design skills, forward-thinking and ongoing drive for innovation.

Holger Meyer
Senior Programmer

Holger is a living database when it comes to the silver screen. And over the years, he's breathed life into dozens of database-driven websites - some of which proving to be real blockbusters in their genre. We're also pretty sure that this is the only photograph of him in existence.

Indra Schlachter
Senior Consultant

As you may have suspected, Indra's beginnings are rooted deeply in a far off kingdom: Baden-Württemberg. Despite the initial culture-shock of Cologne, his concept and consultancy skills empowered this managerial maestro in quickly climbing the Fork ladder.

Jason Lee Rogers

Apparently it never rains in California. So you can imagine our surprise when we managed to attract a real-life California Guy to rainy Hamburg. And not just any old California Guy either. On a quest for the holy grail of script, we've instated Mr. Jason Lee Rogers as our newest code-crusader. And just like his 0s and 1s, Jason's a lean, mean variable machine.

Julia Wittern
Project Manager

Projects are much like broncos, and as a project manager it is your job to take the reins and then… Well, good luck! With Julia a real wild child has appeared at our creative rodeo. She has found the perfect rhythm with our digital ponies and successfully rides projects off into the sunset.

Karin Kreuder
Art Director

Karin is our very own "Alice in Medialand". She's the designer to talk to if you're ever lost in type or need some help with a little CMYK. Plus: as a budding maritime photographer, you'll often find her on the high seas taking snapshots on container ships.

Katrin Sczepan
Project Manager

Don't underestimate the drive behind her tranquil guise. When it comes to project management, consulting and user experience, Katrin's versatility and efficiency would give even the sharpest Swiss army knife a run for its money. And a lot like a female MacGyver, she can handle any situation with composure, finesse and charm.

Klaudia Plettner
Junior Designer

Klaudia's a bit like a creative boomerang - she keeps coming back with more! Kicking-off her Fork career as a talented copywriter, she's transformed herself into an accomplished Designer during a few maternal timeouts where she produced her best ever work. A persistent source of creativity and charisma, Klaudia's an inspiration for us all.

Matthew Harrop
Creative Director

Matt is something like a North Star to Fork's creation. A passionate creative director and (emotion) designer who won't give up until true quality is achieved. There are few people who have dug deeper into the soul of the Fork Brotherhood and as with every celestial body, Matt comes with a mysterious share of shining light and a dark gravity.

Maurice Hofmann
Junior UX Concept Designer

Boy on a wireframe. Maurice finger on the trackpad never shakes, his face sits tight and still, and he's quite as mouse when setting out to work on the future user experience of any given client. Wireframe-fame is guaranteed, a bright future is awaiting this fellow.

Sebastian Lampe
Project Manager

Lamp would be the translation of the German word "Lampe". True to his last name, Sebastian is the guiding lamp of many a projects. He's the classic unexpected hero. Small in size but great when it comes to forming a fellowship and navigating both, clients and teams through the Mines of Moria.

Michael Rüger
System Administrator

"All systems go" is a phrase we wouldn't hear very often if it weren't for Michi. With his infectious laughter, he's always the friendly ghost in the system, master of the machines and guardian of spare parts. Oh and make sure you leave a note when you drop something off on his desk.

Olaf Twesten

Although he does play in a band, we'd like to go on record and confirm that Olaf is in no way related to ex-Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones. Although he doesn't speak much, Olaf prefers to do his talking in the source code. Just like any other accomplished backend programmer.

Paul Taggart
Concept Designer

Having rescued him from the basement of some ignorant network agency, Paul was originally hired at Fork as a project manager. Now, as a creative all-rounder, he's the backbone of all our campaign efforts.

Philipp Wittgenstein
Managing Director

Fork is one of the few real aristocracies in the modern world: An aristocracy of quality. And with Dr. Philipp zu Sayn-Wittgenstein we are governed by a royal rooted in the real world. Unlike many other nobles, Phil is not badly educated at all. This prince holds a doctroate. Can he fix a stomach flu? No. Unfortunately not.

René Zimmermann

Another talented musician, René also hits the right notes when it comes to creating amazing illustrations. From fancy Flash animations right through to atmospheric storyboards, René is our in-house Hergé.

Roman Hilmer
Creative Director

Roman is known to lead his fellowship without any unecessary shilly-shally. Throughout his lengthy reign, worship and praise of das Fork, he's managed to balance the formalities of business with his own brand of creative flair. His rule is often associated with extravagance but never tyranny.

Sandra Müller
Front Desk

Sandra is our likable and ever-helpful front-desk lady. Her uncanny ability to persuade our stubborn coffee machine work again has made her a firm favorite for those tasked with the unenviable all-night sessions.

Siegfried Förster
Technical Project Manager

A programming and managerial powerhouse, Siggi's a talented bass palyer and resolute technical project manager who packs a punch both on-stage and on digital projects.

Wolf Serwaty
Project Manager

There's not a CMS on this earth that Wolf Serwaty hasn't conquered. The fighting force behind our internationalization and localization efforts, Wolf can withstand even the longest of client training conference-calls. Legend has it that he once survived solely on Fisherman's Friends for over three months.

Simone Holmsved
Office Manager

A sign of a good Office Manager is someone who can create a comforting "home from home" atmosphere for everyone at the office. That's why we tend to see Simone as more of a great Office Manager instead. Cool, calm and collected, Simone keeps the lid on any situation - calling all the shots in her distinctive southern accent. Smooth!

Steffen Köpper

Steffen is our first-aider in charge of emotional rescuing. He's a true champion fighting darkish mimics, expressions and demeanor in the studio. Upon calling he puts on his Hawaiian shirt and fights negative vibes, like minions and monsters.


During these nomadic times it's got a little tricker to round-up all Fork followers for an ad hoc photo-shoot. But fear not, we'll be waiting with a camera as soon as they set foot back in the door!


You would like to join our team and grow with us?
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